The first Jumon

Master craftsman of Tokoname ware (1827-1897)

By making full use of the ingenious manufacturing method of refining elutriation over three years and oxidizing it at the end of reduction firing, he devoted his soul to the completion of Zhuni ware, especially the technique called Zisha, which was the ultimate goal at that time.
In particular, Jumon’s work was delicate and dignified, and he invited Jin Shiheng to learn the Pan-Pan manufacturing method, which was the full-scale manufacturing method of Chinese Yixing ware at that time, and focused on further technical improvement. The Pan-Pan manufacturing method, which is not suitable for mass production, could not continue this manufacturing method, which is perfect for mass-produced Tokoname ware, but even today, when mass production is centered on potter’s wheel production, the traditional manufacturing method of Yixing ware has a great influence.


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